vegan green bee

Frequently asked questions


Does Vegan Green Bee ship worldwide?

Yes we do! You name the country and we will ship it there.

What are the postage and packaging costs?

Uk Mainland - First class - £5.60 up to 2 kgs EU - £15.96 up to 2kgs Worldwide - Will depend on the country and the weight of your parcel. Please send an email to to find out the cost of shipping to the country to which you wish to send your purchases.

What is the cut off time for the same day shipping handling?

Please order by 12 noon GMT for your parcel to be dispached thesame day.

Are the shipping materials recycled?

Yes! All boxes, tape, marketing materials such as flyers and postage labels are made from recycled materials and are recyclable.


What happens if my order does not arrive because I supplied an imcomplete or inacessible address?

Your order will be returned to us and we will notify you promptly to clarify/ammend any issues with the address itself or accessibility to the property. we will always ask you to provide a safe place to leave your parcel if you are out such as a secure porch oe with a neighbour.

Can my order be sent to a different address?

Yes! As part of the checkout process you can add a different delivery address of your choice.

What happens to my delivery if I go away after I have placed my order?

If you are going to be away it is advisible to have your parcel delivered to the address of someone you trust and from whom you can safely retrieve the parcel.